Although we love to talk about the “momeconomy” and “mommy bloggers”, there is no typical mom. There’s no content that appeals to every woman who does what Jackie Kennedy Onassis called “the only job that matters.” But there is a lot of content that digital publishing has made available to the wonderful diversity that is “mom.”

Here are are some of my favorites:

Reader’s Digest: I know. Could we start out any more square and boring? But here us out. You haven’t seen Reader’s Digest in its digital version, which has gone way beyond the doctor’s office. It has become a great compendium of women’s interests and issues and, to its credit, has focused on physical and emotional health without the celebrity obsession. Reader’s Digest digital is colorful and accessible. On Zinio it currently sells for ten issues for $10.

Check out Reader’s Digest on Zinio here.

Hello! Tabloids Brit-style. If you don’t get enough of the royal family from People, Us, and E! Online, prepare for the royal deluge. This is a weekly with more cred than the Enquirer and a little less cruelty and disregard for privacy than the British dailies. A little less. The magazine claims to be balanced with practical features. It does have a surprising amount of them, but this is the royal-fest. Nothing wrong with that.

Check out Hello! on Zinio here.

Working Mother: I don’t like some of the stereotypes around what “moms” want. We’re a lot more than horoscopes and diet tips. Leave it to Working Mother to get this right. It manages to present the “greatest balancing act of all” within its digital version. It’s the kind of magazine I refer and share a lot of article from, so digital is perfect. It’s the only magazine that helps you deal with a tough boss and a tough babysitter. On Zinio its eight issues a year for $9.99.

Check out Working Mother on Zinio here.

Professional Woman’s Magazine: This is a quarterly that flies a bit more under the radar than Working Mother. I like it because it is almost completely focused on career and business development. In a word: Opportunity. I love the profiles and each issue is a case study in success.

Check out Professional Woman’s Magazine on Zinio here.

Organic Spa: Now we’re talking. Actually this magazine is more about a healthy lifestyle than it is a travelogue about spa destinations. Yes, it has those (and brilliant artwork and photography to match). But its main mission is to bridge spa wisdom and wellness with the modern green lifestyle. It manages to inspire and inform. It’s one of my favorite “wish books.”

Check out Organic Spa on Zinio here.

Eating Well: This magazine strikes a great balance for me. It balances food that tastes good with food that’s good for you. It balances nutrition with economics. It balances cooking healthy food with a busy schedule. Again the digital version is great for sharing recipes and the photos and prose actually make you aspire to make healthy eating a way of life. On Zinio it’s six issues for $6.99.

Check out Eating Well on Zinio here.