We’re all heroes on the inside. You may grind out your day at a tedious job, but it’s great to jump off into an occasional fantasy where you play the starring role. In the old days, Nintendo’s Legends of Zelda fit the bill nicely. But, in the 21st century, no one has time to sit in front of a TV. Gamevil’s free Zenonia lets your take your fantasy out on the road via your Android phone.

You’re the tragic hero named Regret. Your quest is to find your missing father. To succeed you’ll need to grow in both “active” and “passive” skills. Active skills will improve your fighting, and passive skills will help you defend yourself. You must decide what skills to acquire next based on the situations.

The game renders the land of Zenonia in a gorgeous sprite style. The developers don’t just mimic the classic Zelda, there are new features like weather and night that you’ll need to deal with. Like other role-playing games, you need to battle demons, drink potions, gather weapons, find food, and nab some loot before you achieve your goals. You control Regret through a touchable d-ring and buttons on your screen.

The story line is deep. There are hours of play in the free version, but if you want to play for more than 40 hours, you’ll need to pony up $5.99. It is easily the most epic role-playing game currently available on Android.