Despite the fact that I really enjoy RPGs on my game consoles and PC, I’m not usually one to play them much on my phone, but Zenonia 4 actually seems worthwhile.

Zenonia 4 is, as the title indicates, the third sequel to Zenonia, a sprite-y action RPG that everybody pretty much liked. Zenobia 4 is a true sequel, by which I mean it follows up on the story of the previous games.

Returning is the hero from the first game, Regret, a blonde guy with a big sword or knife or gun or staff, depending on which class you choose. I won’t try to explain the plot, because it’s very complicated and I don’t have enough space here to do it justice, but suffice to say it involves time travel and underworlds and hallucinations, and is quite awesome.

It starts off in an innocuous manner, with Regret being told to go fetch some bronze for a lady in town. This is pretty much how every old-style RPG starts, so this wasn’t unexpected. The folks at Gamevil are just messing with you with that beginning, though, and the story kicks into high gear pretty quickly.

Ultimately, this game is built like a modern MMO, which means you’ll be doing a lot of going there and killing X number of enemies and collecting random items. You’ll be doing that A LOT. But that’s not so bad, as a many people like that kind of thing.

The graphics have received an overhaul; Zenonia looks better than ever here. It’s extremely attractive for a game that will only take up about 30MB on your phone or tablet.

Is Zenonia 4 for you? If you have ever enjoyed any phone RPG or a Zelda game, then the answer is probably yes. This is a pretty good example of the genre, and it will keep you playing for a while.

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