Your phone can help u find ur Valentine

Feb 8, 2011

I got dumped today (yeah, really), but it doesn’t matter because I’m in love with someone else. I can’t be with that person though, so I’m going to do my best to try to find some other people to date, with the help of the internet and my Nexus One.

OkCupid Dating

Well, it’s free. Not only is the app free, the service is free. So – you can’t really complain. Not all of the features on the site are in the app. It works, though, I’ve met some pretty cool people here.


Match™ Dating – Meet Singles

I like this app because it’s free and because I use my phone as my camera and it lets me update my profile photo directly from my phone. I don’t like it because it’s super-buggy.


eHarmony – Online Dating

As sad as it is to think that love could begin in an app – this is the only site and app I know that has led to marriage for anyone I know. That said: great site, terrible app.


Online Dating Website Reviews

I like this app because it’s no nonsense and will tell you which is the best online dating site currently (most matches) – without bias. Good to check up on once in a while but kind of a one-trick pony.


Online Dating Coupons

This app scans the internet for coupons for online dating sites. The database is never that big, but worth checking if you are going to sign up for a dating site!


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