We are living in the world of the “Fake news”. To be informed with latest information worldwide started to be a challenge for IT companies as well as for the average person who wants to be informed. From the users experience, there were a lot of disappointments related to the news readers, e.g. the old gReader, Pulse: following the Linkedin acquisition, Pulse completely re-designed the service from a beautiful RSS reader optimised for easy browsing of multiple news sources to a news recommendation services surfacing content from your Linkedin network.

There are a lot of news to read, magazines, favorite blogs, tweets, and the Internet is just overloaded with information. So instead of opening each website/blog you can use an RSS app to curate your content automatically. There is a plenty rss readers on the market, but if they are flexible then mostly they are also with productivity oriented “inbox” experience and outdated UI, or if they have modern design, then lack the flexibility to follow and organize any RSS feed (such as local news sites and blogs).

And this is exactly where NewsTab fits in. NewsTab Reader is bridging the gap between RSS readers like Feedly (flexibility to organize, follow and browse any feed, but with productivity oriented “inbox” experience and outdated UI) and modern news aggregators that offer beautiful and intuitive experience, but lack the flexibility to follow and organize any RSS feed (such as local news sites and blogs).

There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web, and you just need to pick what interest to you, but how many times we all missed some really important news related to our interests?

If you are reading news via Facebook or Twitter, and you don’t like how it takes you into a feed route, then maybe to give a chance to this new startup. NewsTab allows you to browse the news sources you’re following easily without mixing between social and news content, important news get lost in social feed).  NewsTab is a free application, and it doesn’t contain ads.

There are several ways how you can build your feed magazine using NewsTab.  You can follow your favorite publishers (both local and global, they have more than 130 regions and languages worldwide), you can follow specific topics or create your own using Google News Alerts. It support integration with your Twitter account so you can follow your favorite topics or friends by hashtag. They have also OPML support, currently available just for Web (so you can easily import all your favorite feed urls), and they supporting syc across devices, so you can use this feature on Web, and have all your feeds on your Android as well. NewsTab also integrates with other “read for later” apps like Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Evernote, and OneNote. This new Israeli startup put the focus on the user, and his wishes. User is making all rules, and this is something what makes this news reader different from the others.