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Mar 17, 2011

i started meditating 6 months ago and i am on a constant search for inspiring apps and often they are a little hidden…

so these are my favorites till now. i will add new discoveries:)

eChing – electronic I Ching

my top favorite app, an ancient chinese oracle with wise and funny answers for all kinds of situations (been using it since last fall and it always turned out right, even if i didnt like it…;)


eMa Lite

it has many different visual and text-meditations, mantras and other spiritual information put together in one place. i am a fan of the alterable altar with many many things from different traditions. it reminds me that every place is a temple;)


I Am… (free version)

a very beautiful affirmation app with a random for the affirmation content and timers/reminders, so you can do affirmations everyday…


MoonPhase Widget

a good and accurate (!) moon phase widget with descriptions of every full moon


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