Brain It On! is a puzzle game that sheds new light on physics problems. Hearing the word ’physics problems’ is enough for many people to stop reading this review right here. But wait: Brain It On! is about to prove that physics problems can be actually fun – it all depends on only the context you meet them. Of course not too many people find it entertaining to solve physics equations as a free time activity but bringing the tasks close to life situations and transforming them into small missions is already enjoyable. And that’s what this app does.

The task seems to be easy at first sight – but only at first sight. Always a different challenge is given, for example: lift up the ball from the ground, or place an object into the glass. And here comes the difficult part. All you can do is drawing figures. Any kind of figures – they will behave according to the rules of physics and gravity thus you need to think before how your construct will move at the end and how the chain reaction will work.

Brain It On! became quickly very popular – it reached already more than 25 million downloads. Dozens of videos and pages existing to reveal the solutions. No surprise as the game is fun, challenging and great developer. What is great about the app is that it can be played and enjoyed regardless age as it doesn’t require physics knowledge in the traditional sense. This means it doesn’t require what you learn in the school but require the knowledge that we gain through informal education – so by experiencing. Since we are very little kids, we experience gravity, we experience certain laws of physics without having to name them or study about them. This game can help for children to start using these regularities consciously, or understanding how to use them for a certain purpose. At the same time, the tasks are challenging for an adult as well exactly because the game evokes a different kind of knowledge, not the factual one. Moreover, it is totally free without annoying advertisement.

On the negative – although for developers clearly on the positive – the app is quite addictive. Once you start playing you will want to unlock more and more and end up realizing you’ve been trying for hours already.

Brain It On!, through its creative tasks, offers a kind of entertainment that also exercises the grey matter by providing a real challenge. For the ones in love with physics, it is a must have, for those who are not, just wait for it after trying Brain It On! once!