The Xperia PLAY may have spurred stricter app approvals for the Android Market, but it’s also gaining support from top game developers. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is Electronic Arts’ latest Xperia PLAY game, available through its own Android marketplace, the Flexion Store.

Based on the hit console and PC game, Battlefield is a high quality first-person shooter with 3-D graphics. Another recent EA game release for the Xperia PLAY was D.A.R.K., a top-down shooter RPG. The Xperia PLAY is becoming a good test market in many ways, with games launching exclusively for Sony Ericcson’s Android device prior to launching in the Android Market.

Android game developers seek shelter beyond Android Market

GameTanium launched yesterday, delivering a Netflix-style subscription service for Android games. It’s based on parent company Extent’s existing online game subscription platform, which already powers on-demand gaming capabilities for service providers, including Verizon and T-Mobile. With Android games in particular, the industry is still determining the optimal way to market, deliver and monetize mobile games. Extent hopes that GameTanium will address these mobile gaming issues with editor’s picks, in-app purchases and more.

Available for download through GameTanium’s website, the new platform is yet another third-party service making its appeal to Android’s vast and spreading user base. A growing number of gaming and app portals have popped up all around the Android Market, broadening opportunities for developers and widening choices for consumers. Third-party marketplaces are safe havens for some developers, sheltering apps that have been shunned from the Android Market.

Such is the case for Yongzh’s popular game emulators, which were banned from the Android Market shortly after Sony Ericcson’s Xperia PLAY launched. Yongzh’s emulators span all the major game consoles, from N64 to PlayStation, creating mini hubs for video games that are oftentimes unavailable for mobile devices any other way. You can now find Yongzh’s emulators on SlideMe, an independent marketplace and community designed around Android developers’ needs.