Xoom coming to Best Buy

Catch Motorola’s (MMI) Super Bowl ad for the Xoom Android tablet last night? One of the first commercials for the mobile device, the Super Bowl ad makes the Xoom look pretty sexy. As to where you can purchase one? Best Buy (BBY) retail stores, starting Feb. 24, reports Engadget. The Android 3.0 tablet will cost the expected $799, priced comparably to the highest-spec iPad. Now all the Xoom must do is justify the competing price with competing features.

Gingerbread 2.4 hopefuls

These spirited hopes are based on Android 3.0, an operating system exclusively for tablets. The update is said to drive Android much further with its technology, though smartphones may be getting an updated version of Gingerbread soon too. Reports of the upcoming Android 2.4 are surfacing, suggesting that Google (GOOG) is trying to time a major release with manufacturers early this year.

Leaked images of a Sony Ericsson (SNE) Xperia arc running Gingerbread 2.4 are adding fuel to this fire, but a Near Field Communication update noting 2.4 support introduces some validation to the mix. Inside Secure, prepping to launch a more abstracted NFC API, will be compatible with 2.4, despite the fact that this update has not been officially announced. The new implementation of the Open NFC API will work on Honeycomb 3.0 as well.