WunderRadio is a simple app that brings Android users a wealth of radio stations featuring pretty much any content you are interested in. The app puts together weather, talk radio, sports, podcasts, news, and music stations into one convenient location.

The app even reads your location and gives you a list of all the stations in your area that stream to the net. Altogether there are over 50,000 stations to choose from and listen to making this app a great way to discover new music and find some quality stations around the world. You can browse through by genre or choose your station by location and even language. Each station streams at a pretty high quality but I did run into my fair share of buffering lag. But as an overall experience, it worked well. You can add any station to your favorites for quick viewing and even add your own url to the app.

Overall, the app is the best radio app I’ve seen for Android and is definitely worth the download. It has so many stations to listen to you will never get bored while listening.

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