World DroidCup is a simple soccer app for Android phones that provides information on the Fifa World Cup. Users can quickly review the different groups, and see where their favorite team is and who their competition is. It shows upcoming matches and times, current standings, a coverage of past games, as well as real time scoring. It also shows all the teams and team rosters with pictures, and bio/information on each player.

Users can view the day-to-day matches to see exactly when games are being played. The real time scoring gives a text play-by-play coverage of the match you are most interested in. The user interface does a great job at presenting the details you want to see by including icons for penalties, goals, and more. The news tab provides up-to-date information about the latest happenings with players and teams. The app even provides a stadium tab which offers Google Maps of the different locations.

But perhaps the most interesting tab is the Artillery section which provides a running list of different players who have scored goals. As more players contribute to the team score, they will be highlighted higher on the list. Overall, this app is perfect for any soccer fan and the best part is that it is offered for free. Check it out.

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