Word Lens tops our best apps of the week, translating foreign signs into your native language as you travel. London 2012 Results App also made a splash this week, delivering updates from the Olympics so you can follow the many sports featured in the summer games. On the social side, Twitter’s update brought much overdue features to the Android app, while sports enthusiasts can stay on top of Big Ten games with BTN2Go.

CouchSurfing (free)

A social network for nomads, CouchSurfing has become quite a popular service in the past year or so. It connects you to a global community of travelers to help you find a couch to crash on during your journey, saving money and time. More than just finding a place to lay your weary head, CouchSurfing has proven a useful network for discovering new friends, sharing meals and events along the way. The new Android app lets you search for people kind enough to offer up a spare bed, and respond to requests you’ve put out. Check profiles before deciding on a couch, and enhance your overall travel experience.