Essentially Word Cookies takes the word search concept, but narrows down the number of letters to just a handful. These are thrown into the literal mixing bowl as letter-shaped cookies themselves, and it’s up to you to work out all of the wording arrangements possible. Above the bowl is a tray, letting you know how many words can be achieved, as well as the number of letters in each one. It’s a simple concept, but one built with enough charm to make you want more.

Progress is measured by your skill level as a baker. You begin as a Home Baker, but very quickly move up to Novice Chef. This runs all the way up to 11 main stages, although the developers will no doubt add on more in time. Within each skill level is the type of cookie which needs creating, which are further divided into the individual levels, or ingredients for the cookies. These range from the basic butter biscuit all the way to the dreaded nougat, which required over 1,000 completed levels in total.

Playing Word Cookies a light-hearted experience, and one which is obviously there to attract a wide-ranging audience. Your baking tutor acts as your adviser, showing you the steps along the way, such as how to unlock secrets and receive extra currency. Some special levels can be skipped and returned to later. You can even shuffle the letters, often resulting in the word actually being spelt out for you. Yet don’t let this fool you; Word Cookies is as frustrating as it is charming, and can often leave you in a state of bemusement, as you can’t work out what the final two letter word is. As with all puzzle games, once the answer is in front of you it’s glaringly obvious, but not so after five minutes of staring at what seems to be a simple word search.

It’s one of the most enjoyable word games I’ve played in a long time.

Upgrades are dealt with through in-game currency. This can be earned through solving puzzles and finding secrets, or just purchasing it through micro-transactions. The only thing this allows you to do is unlock a hint. Whilst this may not seem necessary in the early stages of the game, towards the end it may be crucial, so hold on to your coins if you can.

Word Cookies is one of those simple games that will make journeys or waiting times go much faster. It’s simple to use, an easy concept to understand, but difficult enough to keep you hooked. It’s one of the most enjoyable word games I’ve played in a long time.

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