Wire – Exercise in Frustration

Apr 16, 2017

Wire is a sidescrolling experience in frustration. Navigating seemingly randomly generated obstacles that are innately designed to block the path and irritate, you guide an apparently very heavy piece of wire using taps of the screen to maintain movement. Let go at the wrong time and you will find yourself smashed against the terrain.

The gameplay is precisely the same as the old helicopter game that circled around high schools in the early 2000s, but the main improvement is the inclusion of music to impact gameplay.

The jivey, modern-sounding (yet rather tuneless) beat continuously drives you forwards in relentless motion. Deep bass sounds combine with physical manifestations of the music across the map, causing you to instinctively tap along with the music.

The problem comes when you miss-time your movement entirely and immediately hit a wall and die.

Wire Review | AndroidApps.com

Wire is a sidescrolling experience in frustration, read our review: https://androidapps.com/wire-exercise-in-frustration/

The terrains are random based on quite a small variety that creates amusing shapes and pictures to navigate. Though they’re certainly pretty, most of your attention is taken up with attempting to not smack headfirst into the boundary.

The root of Wire seems to be about maintaining consistent movement in time with the terrain – this proves difficult, however, because the upbeat, almost mocking music doesn’t correspond in any way to your required taps or movement. This feature means you will find yourself drawn into a rhythm, passing obstacles flawlessly until, without meaning to, you start tapping along with the beats.

...you will find yourself drawn into a rhythm, passing obstacles flawlessly until, without meaning to, you start tapping along with the beats

Of course, to do this is death.

The monetization options for this game are slightly confusing; while playing you can navigate yourself to hit a variety of gemstones which display a counter out of 100. Every 5 minutes you get 5 gemstones for free, as well as the option to watch an add every 5 minutes for a free 10 gemstones.

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This does create a pretty seamless experience for the user wanting to collect the gems but… Why do you need them? The only benefit seems to be changing the ascetic. I got enough to change the “skin” of the game and it just made everything brown and turned all the gemstones into cartoon pictures of feces. Very confusing.

Despite its inherent frustrations, Wire is certainly enjoyable – you will find yourself mindlessly playing it, enjoying the music and fast pace, only cursing at the game infrequently.

I suppose that infrequent anger is all anyone can really ask for in a motion game like this.

Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free+
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