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Sep 23, 2010

Even if you’re not into playing a thousand games or mapping every step you take, there’s a lot of fun to be had with your Android! Make your phone look really unique with new widgets and home launchers.


LauncherPro is one of the most flexible home launchers out there. You can customize everything easily, from icons to the look of the shortcut dock at the bottom. The LauncherPro PLUS version has even more fun, with custom widgets and the VERY unique ability to resize widgets for a nifty graphic look.



If you’re going for a clean, minimalist look on your phone, check out the Tajm clock. It displays the time and date in a slick sans serif font without numbers, and you can customize the color, size, transparency, and background. (see my screenshot link at right)


BattStatt Free

This battery status widget is made by the same developer as Tajm (above) and looks perfect on the same screen. It’s customizable in all the same ways and is a pleasant change from all the colored graphic battery indicators. (see my screenshot link at right)


Launch-X Pro

This is by far the best and slickest shortcut app I’ve come across. It operates like a dock and you can customize it not only with apps, but with shortcuts directly to your favorite contacts. I love it as a visual alternative to the old speed dial, and it’s so much easier than scrolling through any list. (see my screenshot link at right)


Multicon Widget

This isn’t so much a widget as it is another way to tidy up your homescreen and get more on it. Multicon allows you to put FOUR apps in the same size space that one app would take up usually. If you’ve got accurate fingers and don’t like swiping through six screens to get to the app you want, you have to try this.

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