My Transit NYC Subway, Bus, Rail


My Transit NYC Subway, Bus, Rail is the most comprehensive, most accurate, and most reliable app in its category, ensuring that you’ll know New York City’s vast transport system like the palm of your hand and that you’ll have all the up-to-date, live information at your fingertips you need to commute in the city. My Transit NYC packs an immense schedule database covering the NYC Subway – which, by the way, is the biggest in the world with its 421 stations -, the MTA Bus network, the LIRR (Long Island Railroad), and the Metro North, and takes it up a notch with real-time arrivals. The app also has a rich-in-content Live Status feature with which you can easily keep track of potential delays and service changes, and thus avoid unpleasant surprises. As if we weren’t already impressed, My Transit NYC comes equipped with official transit maps you can access offline and a trip planner with directions covering all modes of public transportation

TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants


Can you imagine how many hotels and restaurants are in New York? Can you grasp the sheer amount of must-see sights that the Big Apple is home to? Well, neither can we, but the numbers – no matter how astronomical they may be – are of little importance as long as you have TripAdvisor on your Android phone. Although some reviews seem a little fishy (see also: paid content, friends, relatives), they are only a fraction of the hundreds of millions of TripAdvisor reviews, which means that venues rocking the coveted TripAdvisor seal of approval are, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are worthy of your time and money.

New York Travel Guide


If you’re soon travelling to New York for a big city holiday, it’s high time you downloaded New York Travel Guide, an easy-to-use, reliable travel assistant perfect for planning an unforgettable trip to the NYC. Perhaps the best thing about New York Travel Guide is that it’s fully downloaded and stored on your Android device, meaning you have complete access to the app’s many features even when you’re offline. New York Travel Guide packs detailed maps with directions and indicating a wide variety of places of interests (e.g. attractions, local nightlife, restaurants, hotels), in-depth content and up-to-date information for each POI, a comprehensive venue database, tips and recommendations from locals and tourists, customizable maps on which you can pin the places you can’t wait to visit, and in-app hotel booking.

New York Free WiFi


Although we’ve already had two apps on our list providing full offline access to all of their features, we’re pretty sure there will be moments during your trip to New York City when you’ll need an internet connection ASAP – and preferably for free. Since data roaming charges are unaffordable for the majority of people, when abroad, WiFi is definitely the most feasible option. Despite the fact that finding a café or restaurant not offering WiFi for their guests is harder than finding someone with a low income on Park Avenue, it’s better to be safe than sorry – meaning downloading New York Free WiFi on your Android phone is never a bad idea. With New York Free WiFi, you can find the nearest free WiFi spots without using your phone’s GPS and without an internet connection, and – God knows why, but it’s a welcome plus – the app also sports a detailed subway map.

New York Bike Guide


If you’re such a devoted, hardcore cyclist that using any other means of transport but a two-wheeler during your stay in New York City is a no-way-in-hell kind of proposition, or you’re simply looking to rent a bike for a day, you’ll love New York Bike Guide. New York Bike Guide introduces the Big Apple from a cyclist’s perspective, showing you all the bike shops, bike rental places, and POIs you need for your NYC cycling experience to be guaranteed smooth sailing. New York Bike Guide even packs a weather forecast feature, allowing you to see whether the next few days will be cycling-compatible in the world’s greatest city.

NYC Bike Map Offline


Now that we’re at it, if you’re one hundred percent serious about cycling in New York City, scoring a comprehensive, easily accessible, and free bike map is a must. With NYC Bike Map Offline, an ad-free, easy-to-use app, finding your way around the five boroughs is a breeze. Using the app does not require an internet connection, but always make sure your location services are turned on.



Citymapper is an award-winning smart trip planner covering a plethora of metropolises worldwide, with New York City, naturally, not being an exception. Citymapper serves the best possible route on a silver platter by combining all modes of transport from walking to car and bike sharing, and brings you real-time data with live schedules, service alerts, and alternative routes in case something unexpected happens. Thanks to the advanced features of Citymapper’s step-by-step trip planner (such as step-by-step directions and an alarm that lets you know when it’s time to get off the bus or the train), the offline subway and train maps, and directions to the best cab pickup spots near you, getting lost in New York City will be out of the question.

Central Park Conservancy


Central Park used to have a bad rep and was regarded more of a muggers’ paradise than a safe haven bursting with flora, perfect for weekend family picnics and romantic strolls. But that bad rep is now a thing of the past, thanks in large part to the Central Park Conservancy, a non-profit organization that restored and renovated Central Park – and also brought you the official Central Park app. Central Park Conservancy features an interactive map with POIs, a celebrity audio guide in which world-famous superstars tell the captivating stories of 35 iconic locations, customizable notifications so that you’ll always know when you’re approaching a sight, and the latest Central Park events news.

New York Street Art Tour


New York is one of the centers of the art world and is home to probably thousands of artists unleashing their creativity in a cavalcade of genres and on just as many mediums. One of these mediums is the street, and New York can be deservedly denoted as a global street art capital, hosting the works of some of the most renowned graffiti and street artists of the past and the present. With New York Street Art Tour, you can take a self-guided walking tour discovering the most spectacular murals of two Brooklyn neighborhoods, Williamsburg and Bushwick. New York Street Art Tour is based on an offline map and thus does not require an internet connection and contains detailed information on each piece and each artist.

Time Out New York Magazine


Since New York is a city that indeed never sleeps, offering multitudes of entertainment and dining options and events galore, it’s really hard to wrap your head around the Empire State Building-sized selection. With Time Out Magazine’s New York-focused app, you’ll have an easier time selecting the events that suit your tastes, as Time Out New York Magazine delivers weekly news on what’s happening in art, comedy, theater, books, film, sports, music, and dance. Whether you’d like to go to a New York Knicks game to see the Knicks lose and watch an episode of the tragicomedy entitled “Carmelo Anthony’s lost tape years” or check out a show on Broadway, Time Out New York delivers the most comprehensive arts and entertainment listings.



Yelp is very similar to TripAdvisor in terms of basic concept and popularity, but unlike TripAdvisor, which mainly focuses on restaurants, hotels, and sights, Yelp covers a wide range of local businesses, allowing you to find the best boutiques, eateries, car and bike repair shops, and, say, tattoo parlors in any New York City neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, shop, drink, relax, or play sports, Yelp will fetch you the information you need within the blink of an eye, and will make your choices easier with photos, ratings, and user reviews. Apropos ratings and reviews: Yelp’s entire database is there for you to search, and you can even filter your searches by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, location, and hours of operation. To put the delicious icing on the Yelp cake, Yelp’s restaurant features game is pretty strong, as you can make reservations, view menus, and order pickup or delivery via the app.

Mafia Walking Tour in New York


Venture to the dark side of New York City with this self-guided walking tour taking you to Little Italy, where you’ll be introduced to the heinous and violent history of New York City’s feared Italian Mafia, the La Cosa Nostra. Learn where liquor was sold during prohibition, check out a former mafia hangout, the Ravenite Social Club, the once-upon-a-time headquarters for John Gotti and his vile gang, visit Umberto’s Clam House, the seafood restaurant where Crazy Joey Gallo was gunned down, and see locations from iconic mafia movies like the Godfather and Donnie Brasco. Mafia Walking Tour in New York is based on an offline map, and requires no internet connection.