Charity Miles puts the world of fitness applications on a new level. Now here is an achievement that you really can share proudly anywhere! As the name already suggests, the main point of Charity Miles is that besides making good for yourself by working out, at the same time your activity is beneficial for someone else too. The application donates 25 cents to charity after every mile you take – which can be either running, cycling, or simply walking. What is more, the user is responsible for choosing what kind of activity he wants to support and there is a huge list of organizations to pick from. Starting from animal and nature protection through curing different diseases to empowering women or the homeless there is a wide range of opportunities.

Charity Miles is unique in its genre as this is the only fitness app that is combined with an altruistic act. Considering only the fitness functions of the app it is true though that unlike Runtastic, Runkeeper or other tracking apps, Charity Miles counts only the miles taken and not giving information about for example the calories burnt or the route of the run. It is actually not even tracking the miles, it only counts a supposed amount of miles based on the time passed. But what makes up for all those is the feeling of doing something helpful.

The biggest positive of Charity Miles is quite obvious: donating to charities without paying a cent – even the application itself is free to download. All you have to do is to go have some sports: healthy for you, beneficial for someone else as well – isn’t it a perfect match? This fitness app gives just the best motivation not to go lazy on working out. Another huge pro is that even though it counts in miles and cents, the application can be used also outside of the USA. On the other hand, mostly there are only American organizations available.

The surface would also need some improvements to help users get more engaged. Adapting the usual components of fitness apps could be the way to go. When people decide to change their lifestyles and start running regurarly, they like to see the results of that. They demand information about how much calories they burnt and also the distance they took for real – and not only an estimated amount of miles.

Charity Miles is undoubtedly a great invention. Beneficial for the user, beneficial for NGOs – totally a win-win situation. Only a small development of the surface and the measuring functions is the only thing that holds back the application from becoming the sweetheart of fitness lovers. Close the laptop now and go to try out!