When I thought my phone was dead, I knew these apps would be safe

Sep 21, 2011

Apps that have an off-phone sync feature are the BEST. Ever lost your phone, bricked it, or otherwise managed to wipe it all out? Did you bang your head on your desk because EVERYTHING was gone? When my Evo almost died this weekend, these were a few apps I didn’t sweat over… unlike Angry Birds. Losing my progress on that would have doomed me.


My favorite secure app for passwords and such. It exports backups to your Dropbox account off in the cloud, so you can access and import them again if the app disappears.


Evernote – stay organized.

My favorite note-taking app syncs to my Evernote account online so I can get my endless notes on my PC if I want. Then if I have to reload the Evernote app, I just sync it back up and there are my notes!


Lightbox Photos

Saves your photos – SO important! Any pics you take on Lightbox are saved to your photo roll and if your app goes bust, just log back into your Lightbox account when you reload the app and THERE THEY ARE!



Not sure if there’s an auto-sync in this like in the previous three apps I mentioned, but Dropbox is a great catch-all for anything you upload to it – pics, music, documents, whatever. It’s stored in the cloud and you can access it from your phone, so when you lose the app you don’t lose your stuff.



Not so much for the mailing part of it, I wasn’t sure what app to choose here though… just remember that when saving contacts, use “save to Google” and NOT “save to phone,” and your contacts will sync to your Gmail account so you can get them online and re-sync to a new phone if you need to. Don’t lose that hot guy’s number!


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