While the headline from Eric Schmidt’s conversation with Kara Swisher at the D9 conference was his claim that Facebook – not Microsoft – is part of the “Gang of Four” technology companies (which also includes Amazon, Apple and his employer), Google’s executive Chairman had a few things to say about Android.

1) Google and Apple re-upped their deal on maps and search

“We have a very, very good search partnership”, he told Swisher, later grouping in maps in the conversation. This means that Apple almost certainly will not roll in its own maps service when it introduces iOS 5 to the world next week during its Worldwide web development conference.

2) He still likes jarring with Steve Jobs, this time about a “Pocket Probe”

Between public appearances introducing the iPad 2 in March and the upcoming WWDC, Steve Jobs apparently had time to tell Kara Swisher and others in the press that Android’s alleged data security concerns are in fact “a probe in your pocket.”

Schmidt’s on stage retort: “We don’t do that. We don’t suck the mobile information into search.”

3) On how mobile developers should approach platforms beyond Android and iOS

“Many people do not have a third choice… I’m not sure what to say about Microsoft and Nokia. We would have loved and we would still love to have Nokia be an Android licensee.”