There are few details on how the tablet is actually integrating Android apps into its “meta-store,” but the support of Android apps is key for the WeTab’s progression.  A sticking point for many Android tablet makers, the absence of an Android Market is a running concern for consumers as they make their holiday purchasing decisions.

Similar to other Android-based smartphones, the WeTab will also offern an app store of its own.  It will support its own MeeGo apps, Java, Linux and Adobe Air applications, and of course, Android apps.  We’ll see if this is enough to attract buyers, and extend a viable alternative for Android tablet manufacturers.

Google hooked into patent dispute

Not all is peachy keen in the Android world, however.  Skyhook Wireless, a provider of software and a database for determining location leveraging surrounding Wi-Fi signals, is suing Google (GOOG) for patent infringement.  The suit claims that the search giant has interfered against the Boston startup, blocking its positioning software from running on certain Android devices.

It’s Motorola (MOT) handsets in particular, with Skyhook claiming Google’s relationship with the manufacturer has encouraged Motorola to use Google’s positioning tools only, costing Skyhook millions.

The lawsuit comes the same week Layar announced its deep integration of Skyhook’s technology into its own location-based Android app, determining it an important addition to positioning technology.  This all demonstrates the importance of monetizing location awareness, and the battlegrounds will only get bloodier.