Ways to speed your phone up

Apr 22, 2011

Does your phone ever get too full? Maybe a few of these app could help you consolidate.

Super Box paid(10 tools in 1 )

This app is what it says. You have 10 awesome apps. The first deals with the memory on the phone. The second deals with the battery. Third, different installers, fourth, uninstaller, fifth moving around your apps between SD card and phone memory. Sixth, file cleaner. Seventh, task cleaner. Eight and nine are dealing with your setting and file managers. Lastly the tenth helps you keep your phone secured.


File Expert with Clouds

This app allows you to deal with all basic file operations like copying, pasting, moving around and renaming. You have access to FTP and HTTP severs along with getting access to different system folders. You can also use zip and unzip files, thumbnails, text and image viewers. You are also capable of searching your SD card and help store music.


Fast Cleaner – Boost Ram Cache

If you think your phone is getting backed up and is start to work very slowly than this is the app for you. This app uninstalls applications, shows those app’s details, clear data and move apps to SD card to create more space if you don’t want to officially delete anything. This also lets you stop running specific applications. Another feature is that you can clear text messages. This app with select messages and contacts that aren’t used often or are unknown. You can pick what you want to delete.


CacheCleaner NG

CacheCleaner allows you to remove all files from the internal memory of your phone and from the SD card if you so choose. To speed the process up select “old cleaning method”.


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