Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Jul 29, 2011

Do you drink enough water? Know whether your water is of good quality? Here’s some apps to help you manage your water intake and quality.

Drinking Water

If you forget to drink enough water – this app is for you. You set the number of cups of water you want to drink per day, and the app will remind you during the day to drink the water! It also tracks how much water you drink and will show you a neat graph.


Drink Water

This is a widget that tracks the amount of water you drink and reminds you to drink water throughout the day. Simple, easy UI.


Drink More Water

This neat app helps you track your water consumption and reminds you to drink water during the day. Allows you to add water in ounces rather than cups for more accurate tracking. Useful!


Water Tracker (beta)

This app lets you track temperature, stream flow, and more for rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and more. Comes from the USGS info – great to check before you go swimming!


Remember To Water

This app is to remind you to water your houseplants! You take a photo of the plant and set how often you think it needs water and the app reminds you. The photo of the plant really helps motivate me!


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