chrono24Chrono24 is a global marketplace well-known among watch enthusiasts where you can buy high-quality timepieces from trustworthy private sellers and watch dealers (all verified by Chrono24) from more than 80 countries. The over 500 watch brands and 220,000 timepieces available on Chrono24 range from affordable-for-everyday-people to astronomically high-end, so you’ll definitely find the watch that will make your heart beat faster regardless of the size of your budget. You can filter and sort your searches in a plethora of ways, and each listing contains a detailed description of the given timepiece and also several images.



Although we are pretty sure that you’re faithfully following your favorite watch brands on Facebook and Instagram, and we also dare to guess that you’re a member of multiple watch-related Facebook groups and perhaps you’re even a regular poster on watch geek message boards, a true timepiece fanatic can never have enough watch-centric content at their disposal. With Watchville, getting instant access to the most popular watch blogs is a whole lot easier than finding an authentic Jaeger-LeCoultre at a low price. To top it off, Watchville comes equipped with tools that will come in handy for watch collectors: an atomic clock, and a leap year and moon phase setting tool.



Mechanical watches are delicate works of horology art that require care, attention, and, every once in a while, servicing so that they maintain their appearance, reliability, and performance. Although we are not quite there yet in terms of technological advancement to be able to create an Android app that is capable of servicing a mechanical watch – and thank God we are not there, as it would mean that the apocalyptic AI takeover is looming on the horizon -, but at least there are apps with which you can keep track of the accuracy of your watches – a prime example being WatchCheck. With WatchCheck, you can log the accuracy of multiple watches and add custom notes and observations to the logged accuracy data.

TICKOPRINT. Precision counts.

tickoprintTickoprint is somewhat similar to WatchCheck, albeit it sports a much more sophisticated toolkit tailor-made for analyzing mechanical wrist watch movements. The app is available in three packages: Free, Pro, and Premium. Tickoprint Free, as you’d expect, is pretty basic, though it still displays accuracy deviation in seconds and shows the movement’s potential beat error. Tickoprint Pro takes it up a notch and boasts more refined features, including determining the beat error with impeccable accuracy – in milliseconds, to be exact – and displaying the movement ticks in detail. Tickoprint Premium adds a few more extras to the Pro version’s already impressive assortment of features – such as displaying balance amplitude value -, but unless you’re a super enthusiastic watch geek, you’ll be perfectly satisfied with the free package.