With voice-recognition apps on the rise, it’s only a matter of time before our Android smartphones truly are our artificial assistants. Working towards this goal, Vlingo launched a beta app called Labs to gain more feedback directly from willing users. CoinKeeper’s also made waves this week with a very visual app for tracking expenses, while Everyme’s the latest social networking app to hit the scene, touting privacy above all else.

Assistant (free)

As we saw with Vlingo Labs, there’s a race to become the best voice-recognition assistant on Android. One problem with most of the Siri-like apps on the market is that they only support English. Assistant from Speaktoit is taking things to the next level with support for Spanish as well, reaching out to a very broad user base and setting its sights on international markets. The recently updated virtual buddy uses natural language technology to answer your questions, find information, launch Android apps and connect you with services like Facebook, foursquare and Evernote. You can send emails, find a location in Google Maps and get weather reports.

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