If you’re a fan of all things viral and love silly email forwards, you must download the free BuzzFeed app for Android. This news app is filled with all the quirky, crazy and downright hilarious news and viral videos from across the web, such as goat bagpipes, crow bath time, and a taco platter made entirely of pancakes.

If you want to boil your crazy news down to exactly what you like, check out the “more” tab for feed titles like lol, omg, wtf, cute, geek, trashy and ew. The omg feed features stories like “Creepy, Realistic Robot,” “Johnny Cash’s To-Do List” and “Cockatoo Dances to Whip My Hair.” The trashy feed has stories such as “The Redneck Way to Carve a Pumpkin,” “Charlie Sheen Found in Trashed Plaza Hotel Suite” and “Shower Gel Boobs.”

Share your favorite finds via email, Facebook and other apps you’ve installed with the Easy Share button in the menu. Contribute to stories like “The Redneck Way to Carve a Pumpkin” by taking a photo with your phone and posting it to the feed. You can also react to stories by labeling them with a heart, a broken heart, lol, omg, cute, geeky, etc.

If you don’t have a sense of humor, definitely don’t download this app. It’s worth noting that there are some questionable stories featured, so you may not want young children to get hold of this app.