If you love to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip, check out the free EvriThing Gossip app for Android. This app is packed with news, photos, videos and tweets about your favorite and infamous celebrities.

Want to segment your celebrity gossip even more? This app lets you focus on news in certain channels. Some of my favorite categories include actual housewives, Brangelina, style makers, go Gaga, substance troubles, the Shore and baby watch. You probably guessed it, but the go Gaga channel gives you all news Gaga all the time including photos, videos and tweets. Baby watch keeps an eye on those celebrity baby bumps, and substance troubles follows stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton as they struggle with drugs and alcohol. There is also a LiLo channel if you just can’t get enough of Lohan, and how could I forget the Kardashians channel.

If you’re a casual celebrity gossip hound, this app probably isn’t for you since it’s pretty intense, with tons of random gossip. But, if you like to follow certain channels of gossip, this app is perfect!

If you like the way this app is organized, EvriThing also offers free Android apps for tech, pro football, rock and baseball enthusiasts.