Color for Facebook could be just what the app needs to turn around its notorious bad luck.

Right now, Color is a social video app that allows users to make 30-second, soundless video clips using a smartphone or other mobile device, and share them across Facebook. Despite being similar to other services, Color has struggled to take off, garnering a community of only about a million users. Where competitors have seen big boosts from their Facebook integration, Color still remains relatively small.

But according to a report from VentureBeat, a new partnership with Verizon could help turn that around. The deal will allow Color to leverage Verizon’s 4G network for some interesting capabilities, and the developer is going to create a new version of the app specifically for Verizon customers to maximize what they’ll be able to do with the app. Customers will have access to the new app starting next Monday.

Instead of 30-second videos without audio, the biggest and most notable change to the Color app for Verizon is that users will have the ability to include sound. Streaming over Verizon’s 4G network also means that video quality is going to increase significantly over the generic version of the app, both for recording and for streaming others’ videos through the app.

Verizon has a monster user base – something like 93 million subscribers spread across its network – and is leading the push into 4G in the U.S. right now. That potentially translates into a big boost in users for Color and an app that provides Verizon customers with a little bit of exclusivity, which may well draw more people to use it because of the fact that it’s not offered in this form through any other means.

The Color-Verizon deal is said to be “multi-year,” according to The Verge’s story, and the Verizon Color app is available to users of the network next week. Hopefully we’ll start to see if the deal is a success for the app before too long.

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