Unlike other Android applications, this one actually signs in to your Xbox Live account and imports your friends list right to the app. From there the app lets you browse through your friend’s status and information.

Perhaps the most unique feature that I have yet to see in any other application like this is that you can send a message right from the app. Instead of taking you to the Xbox homepage, the app actually sends and receives messages in-app which makes for a much more user-friendly experience.

There were, however, some features that did make it a little harder to use. The first annoyance that came up was the noticeable time it took to start up. Instead of gathering public information, the app actually has to sign into your account and then give you the stats. This can take a while.

Aside from this small issue though, the app was well thought out. You can view how much Microsoft Points will cost at a glance which is handy if you buy a lot.  For the features that are unique to this app, it is definitely worth the download.

If you are on Xbox live and would like to play a round of Modern Warfare 2 or Halo Reach in the near future, hit me up. Make sure to include a message so I know where you are coming from.