While the iPhone app is currently free, Android users are charged 99 cents for a starter pack of 50 1980s-themed questions, in the form of multiple choice, matching and timelines, to test your ’80s knowledge. Once you successfully blow through that pack, users will unlock additional quiz packs, just like the iPhone version, such as “I Love the ’80s Strikes Back” and “I Love the ’80s in 3D.”

This ’80s trivia is no joke, and a real challenge. I was a mere toddler for most of the ’80s, so my scores are pretty low. The hint pictures that accompany the questions really help on the hard questions. I love the neon accents of the app and the ’80s sayings that pop up when you get a question wrong or right, such as “Smooth move, Ex-lax,” “Gag me with a spoon” and “Dude! You’re like totally an airhead.”

Play the game in single player mode or challenge friends over a Bluetooth connection. Users can also log in to Facebook to post scores and challenge friends to an ’80s trivia duel.