Things are heating up in the Android smartphone world again. We’ve already heard plenty about the forthcoming release of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, the first “pure Google” Android smartphone to hit Big Red, and now we may be a little closer to knowing when it’s finally going to be released

Today, DroidLife unleashed some interesting info about Verizon’s upcoming release roadmap, pegging the Galaxy Nexus release “on, or around Black Friday.” With the Motorola Droid Razr already accepting pre-orders since October 27 and the release of the HTC Rezound expected some time in November too, Verizon look likely to drop three top-notch devices by the three biggest manufacturers all in the same month.

If you’ve been thinking Android, or it’s time for an upgrade, it seems later this month you’re going to have some really great options. Toughest thing is going to be deciding which of these devices to choose—and that’s by no means a bad thing! Expectations are high. These are all powerful smartphones that can run on Verizon’s new, speedy 4G LTE network, with high resolution screens and plenty of processing power.

Coupled with the improved Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 release (whether pre-installed on the Nexus or as an update on the Razr and Rezound), the end of 2011 looks to be a hot one for Android devices, especially on Verizon.