Seeing as Verizon is one of the top wireless providers and does not yet have the iPhone, the company (as is the case with many carriers) is investing further in Android’s economy.   The V Cast Apps store may be a good way for Verizon to stand out from the crowd, and should be an improvement from what other carriers like T-Mobile have been doing for several months now.

What’s notable about Verizon’s efforts is that its store will stand alone from the Android Market itself. This could be helpful for certain devices, like Android tablets, that do not yet support the Android Market. It’s also another channel for app and advertising distribution, enticing developers and marketers alike.

Of course, there is the danger that the V CAST Apps store will foster a separatist attitude amongst Android supporters, which is already a very diverse crowd.  Verizon’s likely to see some useful monetization opportunities come out of its app store, so we’re sure to see similar marketplaces and hubs emerge for Android, as with other open platforms.

Looking at a Nielsen report released this week; the ongoing monetization of Android apps is very much a reality.  The findings indicate that Android users are more accepting of in-app ads. Nielsen names Android’s younger demographic as a likely cause for this trend, while the higher ratio of free apps versus the iTunes App Store may also be a contributing factor.