The most common question asked on a group outing: “″ app_id=”441199” target=”_blank”>UrbanDaddy, for Android, has the answer. The information seems good, but the app itself needs a little work.

Upon launch, the app gives a hard sell to sign up for daily email bulletins from UrbanDaddy, but you are not required to register to use the app. Then comes the main screen where UrbanDaddy gathers the details of your outing in five straightforward settings. The first two are date and time. It preloads the current date and time, but you can reset those to anything. The app presents a cool urban tone throughout, so instead of a boring six-digit date or precise time, it says things like, “It’s Friday, around 11:30.”

Next is location. The app currently offers data only for Boston, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta, but promises more cities in the future. I live outside of Boston, but the app only shows choices of Boston neighborhoods, so I had to continually set this to where I intended to go.

The last two are “What Do You Want?” — with choices like “I’m game for anything, coffee, breakfast, brunch, etc.” — and “Who Are You With?” — with responses such as boss, clients, colleagues, girlfriend, boyfriend, date, parents and the unlikely ‘my mistress.’

Click “Done,” and UD delivers a set of responses matching your criteria. The info seemed up to date, and the recommended items in restaurants felt correct. One issue: The app was pretty clearly an iPhone app first, and the small iPhone-style buttons sometimes caused misfires on my Nexus One.

Overall, it’s useful, but I hope the developers keep working on it.