Want to maximize the performance and the enjoyment factor of the photo album on your Android device? The Scalado Album app for Android ($0.99) is just what the Android doctor ordered. This photography organization app makes viewing photos on your Android such a smooth process, you will wonder how you survived before you downloaded it. This photography app is super intuitive to use and the zoom function is fantastic.

One of my favorite functions is that the Scalado Album app groups photos by location where they were taken. I am obsessed with taking photos of wild animals at the zoo. With this handy app, when I am on a new zoo trip, I can flip back and forth from previously taken photos to see how the animals have changed. And it makes it great for those moments when you are out for family events and someone says, “Hey remember last Mother’s Day when we were here?” You can easily flip to the photos based on your location. How smart is that?

You can also view your photos in camera roll style, by original folders, and my months in which the photos were taken. The Scalado Album app is a stellar and affordable app for getting more out of your Android photos. The app also works on Android tablets. You will be amazed at the photo viewing experience this app offers, it is so much better than the standard photo gallery app.

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