Here are the top Android apps to keep you socially connected.

Network favorites

Facebook’s neglected Android app has been refreshed, with new features for connecting with friends. You can now view videos, RSVP to events, and even respond to friend requests. Free, Facebook for Android has finally minimized the need to redirect you to its mobile web site.

Twitter is another app that was a long time coming, and it’s making up for lost time. View tweets on a map or from your Contact or GoogleTalk list, see friends’ updates from the homescreen widget, and include your own location in tweets you send. Free, Twitter’s Android app also lets you share media saved on your phone.

Until Facebook’s recent update, Bloo was one of the best full-feature Facebook apps on Android. View your friends’ news feeds, leave comments, and send messages. You’ll also receive notifications for new updates, and benefit from the profile screen-viewing optimization and speedy navigation. Free, Bloo is great for on-the-go networking.

Seesmic is another great way to Twitter from your Android. Its free app has easy access to Lists, @mentions and more. Seesmic has also added some easy navigation tools, including a menu for selecting who to @mention when retweeting or replying to a tweet. In all, Seesmic is one of the most powerful Twitter tools you can get free on Android.

Foursquare makes networking local, as you see others who have checked into venues about town. See what they think of a restaurant’s dessert menu, and add some notes of your own. Earn badges and rewards – accomplishments that can be updated to your friends across Facebook and Twitter.

Social butterfly

Pingdroid’s free Android app lets you update all your favorite networks by way of Upload photos, add geo-tags, and share content from your phone and other supported apps. The free Pingroid app also comes with a URL-shortener, offering one simple way to update Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr and more, all at once.

Another tool for updating multiple social networks is AnyPost. Like Pingdroid, it works with your account, turning a single post into a syndicated one. Free, the Android app lets you share photos and videos, geo-tag them, and view your recent posts as well.

Qik’s live video-streaming delivers the wow-factor, turning your Android phone into a broadcasting tool. Updates since its launch have incorporated more social sharing tools to the app, so you can see friends as well as comments as you record your video. Post the clip to Facebook, YouTube and other networks when you’re done.

Trip Journal is a great way to share this summer’s travel adventures, as it helps you document a trip as you go. Track your route and geo-mark attractions, photos, videos and notes. With the free app you can view your trip on Google Maps, and share your real-time tale on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Picasa and more.