Gameloft has done a fantastic job digitizing one of the greatest family card games. Download our new Android app!

Once you differentiate one gameplay mode from another, you’ll find that UNO is a very easy app to navigate. It has a functional design, sharp graphics and fun sounds. The sounds, I think, add a little something special to the traditional gaming experience, but you can easily shut it off if you need to.

The games’ controls are pretty simple to use, click and drag as though you would with any other Android game– but I do have one minor complaint here. When it was my turn, regardless of what gameplay mode I was in, I would experience some difficulty trying to fish out the card I wanted. The app is designed to let you easily fan through your hand, but the cards can tend to stick together when you try to grab for a certain one. This can sometimes be frustrating.

UNO includes achievements depending upon how often you win. You can sometimes unlock new user icons or are awarded puzzle pieces, which makes winning even more rewarding than usual.

One other minor irritation I have with this game is the fact that flexibility with individual hands is limited. When I used to play the card game with my family members, I would often draw a new card to avoid playing my wild card, skip or reverse cards. These cards were my go-to strategy and safety net. Unfortunately, in this digital version, you don’t have to option to draw new cards. You have to play the cards you have

This is the kind of game you can play again and again without getting bored. Whether you’re just waiting for a bus or on a long road trip, it’s a great addition to your app library.