Are you totally indecisive? Do you always leave restaurant decisions up to your friends? Do you call your mom to ask what you should eat for breakfast every day? Okay, maybe you don’t do that last one, but if you can’t answer a simple question for yourself, you may just love the free Thumb app for Android. Thumb is your answer to what you should eat for breakfast and any other asinine or articulate question you may have in that overwhelmed head of yours.

Thumb is a social way to get feedback on everyday questions sometimes in a fraction of a second. Basically, people post questions on the Thumb app, which other people then thumbs up or thumbs down plus leave comments on. Questions are accompanied by a photo making it easy to get opinions on fashion, hairstyles, home decorating and so on. Sometimes when I’m procrastinating on Pinterest, I wish there was a way to vote on photos. You can also easily find folks who share your opinions and even curate opinions that you love.

I found it frustrating that you couldn’t simply scroll through the questions and pick which ones you wanted to answer. But, you can pick categories for what appears in the app home page by going to the “Filters” section and choosing what categories you want to see. Categories include fashion, food, travel, apps, relationships and more.

You sign-up easily with Facebook and then start thumbing. Thumb makes it easy to connect with your current friends. Find your friends on Thumb instantly using Facebook, Twitter, and your Android’s contacts.

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