Social media integration makes it easy to start using the app by simply signing-in with either your Facebook or Twitter account. To get your spin party started, enter or create an in-app virtual music room. You can create your own DJ room, join an existing popular room, or simply join a room that is in need of more DJs. When you create your own virtual DJ room, you can choose whether to make it public, or keep it unlisted so you can decide who enters your party.

Once you are in the room, each DJ takes a turn playing a song. Everyone in the room then votes whether the song rocks or is lame. If enough people vote lame, the song gets skipped. You can chat with others in the room about the music or whatever you feel like striking up a conversation about, as well. The more you interact with the app, the more points you earn allowing you to customize your avatar.

Overall, it’s a creative and fresh way to get social with music on your Android device so definitely give it a try and rock out with the app.