Unique Rabbit for your Android phone is a game that’s a lot like the original Super Mario Bros. video games – only this version is much more simple.

The game starts when the Dark Hare steals a bunch of apples, and then you, Unique Rabbit, must get these apples back. After you’ve collected the stolen apples, and defeated the dark rabbit, you will find that there are plenty more different kinds of home-grown foods that will inevitably be stolen by other equally evil characters. It gets repetitive pretty quickly, if you catch my drift.

Unique Rabbit’s only functions involve running and jumping. He’s operated by holding down the arrow shaped cursors at the bottom of the screen. To move, press and hold down the run buttons, which are on the left side of the screen. Avoid running into large rocks and enemies by tapping the “jump” button on the bottom right side of the screen. The easy gameplay is definitely an asset.

Once you get a handle on the controls, you will find that you’ll be whipping through the levels. The game’s art style is just as basic. The way the sketched rabbit moves inside of the yellow colored, repetitive scenery reminded me slightly of a Dr. Seuss book.

This game feels like it’s built for speed, but it penalizes you for going fast, as you can be killed pretty easily. I think this is actually a fault in the design. You can kill toads or be killed by toads within an area that’s much larger than the screen lets on. It might not look like you’re stomping on that huge guy, but, according to the game’s reaction, you are. Trying to aim a jump is also a bit of a guessing game.