Ultimate Star Wars Lightsaber and Blaster Apps for Android

Feb 23, 2012

Commemorating the release of Star Wars in 3D

Ultimate Star Wars Lightsaber

Choose your saber color, hilt, character, background image and music.



Star Wars Old Republic LightSabers, real sounds optimized. Be a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic, or a Master Sith.

✔ Anakin Skywalker
✔ Conde Dooku
✔ Darth Maul
✔ Darth Sidious
✔ Darth Vader
✔ Jedi Master Yoda
✔ Luke Skywalker
✔ Obi Wan Kenobi

• Choice of handle attached to the colors of the real characters.

• Motion sensor and the laser sword can hear the sounds of swing and hits.

• Vibration Control.



Nice Sounds and graphics in 6 colors: Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange


Lightsaber Advanced

Adjust the sensor sensitivity to customize your Jedi experience, Tap the hilt to extend or retract the blade, tap the blade to adjust colors, move slowly for lightsaber sounds, fast for battle sounds, tap the hilt to change.


WM Lightsaber

lightsaber game by PCSoft


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