Twitli is a Twitter client for the Android platform that provides users with a simple and easy to use Twitter experience. This app is really more for the casual Twitter user as you won’t find the ability to set notifications when you’re out of the app.

The goal of this app is to be simple and they’ve definitely done that. This app is the easiest to navigate Twitter app out so far for the Android platform. When you load it up and log in, you’ll be presented with your friends timeline. You can switch what you see here to display all your replies and direct messages if you’d like. This app is really not meant to view anything past your friends, so don’t expect a public timeline.

You can tweak a few of the settings to allow more posts to be displayed on the screen at one time. The app had no issue loading up 200 tweets on one page, but it did take awhile for it to grab all of them. Twitli does make it easy for you to retweet messages that your friends have already sent.

If you’re looking for an easy going Twitter client that doesn’t provide alerts or notifications, Twitli is a great choice. The user interface is much smoother than Twitroid, but it lacks some features that Twitroid has clearly placed a priority on.