Now that Valentine’s Day is over, you can start downloading new apps, like Twiize, our top app of the week, which makes phone calls a bit more fun. We’ve also got at least one genuinely romantic app in our list, along with a new messenger from DreamBig, a timer app, and a new take on Foursquare!

Twiize update (Free)

I actually missed this app entirely when it was first released, but it recently received an update and there’s no time like the present to share it with the wonderful AndroidApps audience! This is a very cool app created for the sole purpose of making phone calls more fun. While you’re talking to friends, you can view photos, check Facebook, pass notes and doodles to each other, plus a bunch of other stuff without ever leaving the call. You can even send holiday cards, or make a more personalized one with the apps drawing features, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. Just try and keep it PG-13, folks!

Messaging + Google Voice (Free)

Speaking of fun ways to message people, DreamBig is here to keep things less fun but way more efficient. They’ve combined the features of Google Voice and the standard Android messenger in this new app. You can easily send messages from either service, giving you some more control and privacy than before. It also makes it easier than ever to check both services without having to switch devices or services. Making all of our lives a little bit easier is the most romantic Google ever really gets, and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Rebtel Re:Beat (Free)

Here is an app that is absurdly and appropriately released for the holiday. It lets you send a very unique kind of love letter to that special someone in the form of a recording of your own heartbeat. Could be awkward for people with irregular heartbeats and heart palpitations, but that’s fine. It’s the thought that counts. All you need is a device with a camera, because surprisingly, the camera is what captures the whole thing. The app doesn’t work perfectly, but it is a really novel and cute idea, and worth throwing in with the flowers, candy, and kisses.

Foursquare for Business (Free)

Well, that about does it for the romantic section of this week’s list. Foursquare is a really popular location-based service that you’ve probably heard about at some point. Now, that service has been re-imagined to some degree for business people of all kinds. You can use it to post photos and attract customers, look at recent check-ins and learn a thing or two about customers. It’s a great way to attract normal Foursquare users to your business with a sweet deal and build up a bit of extra traffic.

Quietto ($0.99)

Our final app for this week is one that grants its user complete mastery of the very fabric of time. Essentially, it’s a very discreet timer app that you can use to mark time during a presentation, or switch from one workout to the next if it’s something other than rep-based lifting. It lets you avoid making a ruckus with your alarms, and while it’s mainly meant for presentations and the like, I’m sure it has plenty of other uses that the more creative among you will discover. It’s all about efficiency and simplicity, without any ads, even on the lite version. Check it out.

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