TV Showtimes – Best Android Apps

Jul 15, 2011

The free cable that comes with my rent has me hooked on TV! Here are some apps I use to manage my TV schedule.

ShowTimes – Series Guide Free

This app allows you to follow shows (you have to add them manually) and gives you detailed info about the seasons and episodes, a widget with shows for today, tomorrow, and yesterday, sharing with friends, and more. Complex features but very easy to use. Recommend.


TV Guide

This has TV showtimes for all TV as well as info and news about the show. Save and share favorites. Needs save to SD card option.


TV Listings by TV24

This app has showtimes for over-the-air, cable, and satellite TV in the US. It is mostly just a very comprehensive listing but does let you search and filter and set reminders.


Showpedia – TV Show Guide

This guide is a wiki for TV shows – with season/episode #’s, dates, names, and actor info. You can mark watched episodes and set favorite shows. Works for what you’ve seen already – not listings for what will play in the future.


TV Show Tracker!

This app costs $1.50 and is just for tracking the shows you like best, good for the casual TV watcher. Keeps you up on when eps of your favorite shows are airing.


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