I’m a huge fan of Netflix, and I’ve come to enjoy Hulu as well. Right on my desktop I have access to tens of thousands of full-length TV shows and movies, making my monthly cable bill an annoyance I live with to get high-speed Internet access.

OK, that and 3-5 high definition views of several top TV shows. Which is why when I first read that CBS allowed for streaming of current and classic TV shows to my handset, I had to check it out. After skipping over short clips of CBS properties like Cold Case, Rules of Engagement, Big Brother, Medium, and some soap operas, I stumbled into some classic gems.

Several full-length episodes of classic Star Trek, Twilight Zone, MacGuyver, Melrose Place, Perry Mason and Twin Peaks are just a few clicks away. Larger stories from 60 Minutes are here, too, and the full Victoria’s Secret 2009 Fashion Show. (Look out, CBS, here comes an avalanche of downloads!)

Scanning across the top of the screen, click on each content source to access a pull-down menu of all available programs. From left to right, you’ll find shows and clips coming out of CBS, CW, Showtime, CNet, CBS Sports, CBS News, Gamespot, Classic TV, Stupid Videos.com, Movie Trailers, ET, the Insider, Web Shows and Show.

This might very well be your very first TV-on-a-phone experience, and considering it’s free, every DROID owner should take a peek. And come back for more in the weeks and months ahead as this notable little app surely gains more full-length shows.