Turns out you don’t have to be a scrapbook expert to create a cool photo collage. All you need is an Android phone or tablet and this useful app. I never made a collage before, but it only took a few minutes using TurboCollage to produce two nice photo art pieces using pictures of my family.

The app’s interface feels straightforward and easy to use. For your collage, the app lets you pull photos live from your device’s camera or from the photo gallery. My only complaint about the user experience is that you can’t choose multiple photos from the gallery at one time, but must instead go back and forth picking one at a time.

Once you have the photos collected, you simply drag them around the workspace. To grow or shrink the size of any individual photo, just select it and touch the plus sign next to the photo and drag up (to blow up) or down (to shrink). You can also quickly rotate photos by dragging your finger in a circle. The whole point of a photo collage is to overlap pictures so the app provides arrows that let you bring a photo in front of or behind others. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, just press the “share” button to upload the collage to Facebook, send it in an email, or save it to the device gallery.

TurboCollage is free, and definitely worth a look.