There are a few big parts to TuneWiki. First off, you can listen to all the music you store on your Android phone. You can view that music based on Artists, Album, Song, or Playlists you’ve created. When you start playing a song, you’ll notice a box on the display screen that actually plays the lyrics in sync with the song. This is a really great feature that will stop plenty of arguments about what the words really are. Plus, if you want to, you can pull up a listing of all the YouTube videos for that song right from the play screen.

The next cool feature is the playlists area. You can select from the top 50 songs of the day, week, or month. These songs are pulled up through YouTube and sync the lyrics to them in the same way the music player does. This is a great way to experience some new music. If you’re interested in finding a specific song, you can do so by going to the YouTube search area and finding a song that way.

Few songs searched in this example came up with no results. That’s pretty impressive for a service that combines lyrics to both music and YouTube videos. There are plenty of other great features too, like the ability to change the language of the lyrics, search specifically for lyrics, and even see who is using TuneWiki on a map. There is no reason that any Android phone should go without this app.