Add the free Tuneably app to the lineup. The app boasts an integrated, YouTube, BBC Music, and Bands in Town experience.

In fact, that’s exactly what you get in terms of an app experience here. Input your favorite bands or artists, then swipe across each viewing pane to read more information, watch YouTube videos (results were hit or miss), listen to tracks, view event information and buy tickets, and view similar artists.

Along the way, you can link off to Wikipedia, a particular band’s official website, MySpace, or to read more about the act, view fan-based and official websites, then listen to tracks recorded by the band, as well as similar artists.

It’s certainly refreshing to have all this capability mashed into a single app. Sure, many DROID owners can access each individual online destination rolled up here and conduct similar searches, but I’ll give Tuneably extra credit for saving me (and other music fans) a bit of time.

My favorite use for the app is to quickly track down similar artists. Sure, does a good job of letting me listen to my favorite bands, but I have to wait for it to feed me similar artists and their tracks while listening. With this app, I can skip to the “Similar” pane and scroll through a succinct listing without the wait.

The most recent update includes the ability to add live dates to your phone’s calendar, so you’ll never miss a show.