The past couple of days we’ve been hooked on this smartphone game available on Google Play and App Store, released by Sight In Games SRL. The first release of SWC features the Olympic discipline air rifle, 10m.

The game is simple to pick up and play, but hard to master. All you have to do is load the pellet, ready your rifle, keep track of your sights and pull the trigger at the right moment in order to score a perfect shot. It all seems straightforward, however it’s a bit more complicated than that. The developers included a two-stage triggering mechanism, and if you don’t take your time and decide to just rush through it, you’re very likely to get less-than-optimal results. That’s why there’s a training mode with unlimited pellets and a tutorial which will guide you in your first steps. In the followings you can check out how the two-stage triggering works.

The one-time entry fee for participating in tournaments is $2,99, after which the player receives access to all future SWC tournaments and 1000 pellets. In addition to that, the player also gets a daily bonus of up to 50 pellets.

The first thing we noticed was the realistic shooting range look and feel from the moment you get into the game – complete with the authentic shooting range murmur, being surrounded with shooting equipment, going to the shooting gallery, the sounds of rifles being loaded and fired, the audience clapping and cheering when someone scores well and so on. That’s why we believe the aforementioned one-time payment is definitely worth the experience SWC provides.

Perhaps the most impressive part is the vast selection of air rifles, which all look amazing and are extremely well detailed in 3D graphics. They can be inspected from every angle due to the fact that the game is in 3D. The tournaments provide a challenging way to rank up and unlock new rifles. Each rank(good shooter, great shooter and master shooter) will unlock a new tier of rifles, which have less sway and will make scoring the perfect shot easier.

Being good at SWC takes huge amounts of focus and calmness, and we’re sure that anyone who’s familiar with shooting sports at all will fall in love with it, though everyone can try the game for free and feel what it’s like to be a sports shooter. In case you want to try your hand at shooting sports in the real world, the developers included information and links to all the shooting federations in every country, so it’s very easy to find a shooting range near you. The game is highly addictive and makes you work on getting a better score each time. However, other shooters won’t make your job easier. A ranked match consists of 20 shots, and each less-than-ideal shot could cost you a good spot in the tournament’s placements. Everything you’ve worked for in your first 19 shots can fall apart on the last shot if you whiff it. Your nerves will be playing a big role here, and the clock ticking down isn’t going to help either. You get 25 minutes to shoot all 20 rounds, which sounds like more than enough time, although sometimes, it can seem like 5 minutes. The game had our palms sweating and our hearts beating like crazy on some occasions.

We definitely recommend Shooting World Cup-SWC due to the facts that it’s a highly realistic representation of shooting sports, there’s no violence, it takes real skill and dedication and best of all, it’s free to download and try out. Shooting World Cup – SWC is now available Android devices.Prepare yourself, keep a cool head, choose your rifle and score that 10.9!