You can be truly philanthropic with this healthy Android app as well. How, you ask? Well, simply select to donate your points earned towards Walk A Mile, it’s as simple as that! Walk A Mile is a global effort by the U.S. State Department and the 2012 London Olympic Games to increase fitness levels. So by using the Sofit app, you’re helping to encourage folks everywhere to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. If this charity isn’t up your alley, you also have the opportunity to use your points toward other products that might better suit your taste.

The more activity you track with the Sofit app, the more fitness points you earn. If you work out once a week you will earn a bronze medal, twice a week you get a silver medal, and three times in one week will earn you a gold medal. The better the medal, the higher the multiplier of points you will earn for that week of fitness.

You have to have continuous use of the GPS function on your phone, so get ready to have your battery drained.