The touchscreen keyboard gets an upgrade with TouchPal’s Keyboard for Android tablets. It lets you easily switch between swiping and tapping, as well as gestures to get the most out of your finger follies. This week also brought some big name updates to the Android Market, including special upgrades from McAfee Security and Mint’s personal finance app. Salesforce debuted its Rypple app this week, as did Eventbrite for managing events on-the-go.

Remember those questionnaires you’d get in an email, where you fill in answers to random questions and forward to friends, awaiting their quirky answers? Formspring’s made it much easier to learn about your friends with its new Android app. Ask questions to discover interesting things about your friends, share photos and get immediate feedback from the people whose opinions you respect. Offer feedback on friends’ shared items as well, responding with a photo, written answer or a simple “smile.” Formspring can be used for private feedback loops as well, sharing items with only a select few users.

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