If you are into puzzles, this is a game you must have! Totemo will give you hours of puzzling pleasure, be it in story mode or survival mode.

The main objective of Totemo is to clear the playing board by matching the characters. The main challenge is that the characters need to be in the same line in order for you to clear them. When you do this in the wrong order, you’ll be left with two or more characters, not allowing you to complete the level.

Totemo offers two play modes. One is a story mode, in which a funny-looking character guides you through the different levels, and explains a bit about the game. Survival mode puts a clock to the levels, and you have to finish them in about 25 seconds. Each time you complete a level, you get the time that was left over added to the time you have to complete the next level.

While in story mode, you can keep trying, even after you fail. Survival mode only gives you one chance, so you have to be quick. A nice feature of survival mode is that it shares your high score on an online scoreboard so you can see how good you are, compared with others.

The game is entertaining and straightforward. I haven’t had any issues while playing it (several months now). It also looks great on the Samsung Galaxy tab. The only negative point I could find was that you can’t switch off the funny-looking character if it annoys you.